This is…

Berlin skyline

Drawing by Sarah Uhlenbruch

It’s like an endless affair – revolting, mean, wrong, but equally magnetic, sexy, enticing. It’s where everything goes wrong just to hook you even more. It’s where always someone has the first idea. It’s where garbage means art and vice-versa. It’s where you have to stand out in order to fit in. It’s where you feel hot in the middle of the most annoying winter. It’s where you can get your moment of peace within chaos and experience anarchy in the country of the rules. It’s where religion is freedom but foremost…freedom is religion.

This is BERLIN.

Newcomers, connoisseurs, addicts, visitors, future visitors, BONJOURBERLIN is for you. I’ve been having this affair for quite a while. Somehow I feel it’s time I shared its best-kept secrets with you. Have a peep. But watch out: once hooked, no other place on earth will be good enough for you.

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