Month: December 2015

A Mexican-American about Berlin


Sebastian is a Californian young man raised in Mexico. He studied in Heidelberg and has finally made the best decision of his life: to move to Berlin:-) And since it’s damn difficult not to tell everyone about what life in Germany’s capital is like, Sebastian started a blog. He talked to Bonjourberlin about it and has a few very helpful tips for any newcomer to Berlin. 

Sebastian, you were born in the USA and also lived in Mexico. But you’re now “ein Berliner” and have already started to write about our amazing city on your blog, One can’t help but tell the world about Berlin, right?:)

Indeed, particularly compared to Heidelberg, which is where I last lived before moving to Berlin. Here in Berlin there’s something new behind every corner—regardless of what you’re interested in. (more…)



I’m extremely curious what the world has to say about Berlin. This city is becoming more popular by the day and I’d love to hear your opinion about it. Please feel free to decide upon the length of your contributions: one sentence, a few words, paragraphs, whatever you feel like.

Write it in the comments section below.

It could be about your personal experiences, things you’ve heard about Berlin, things you like or hate about it, your existing posts about Berlin etc.

And please do link to your blogs or websites, so readers know who you are.

Looking very much forward! 😉


Berlin from the water in late autumn

Autumns in Berlin are mostly sunny, so spending your days outside in October or November wouldn’t be as bad an idea as one might think. On this particular day the sun came out towards the end of my tour, but it did eventually:)

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