Holy Shit Shopping in Berlin

The only problem you’ll ever encounter in Berlin when it comes to going out will be choosing from literally thousands of alternatives the city has to offer. This past weekend I knew exactly where I wanted to go, though.

Not only did the name of this event lure me immediately, but the perspective of finding hundreds of designers in one place, DJs, organic food and all of this in a former power station was incomparable to any other Christmas season event. I’m talking about “Holy Shit Shopping” (yes, you read it correctly), a different kind of fair, which takes place every December at Kraftwerk, in Berlin.

After a few hours spent inside this impressive run-down building, with fabulous lighting and the best Berlin has to offer in terms of design ideas, I went home with a bunch of goodies and these photos for you:-)




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  1. There is a record store in Kreuzberg called “Holy’s Hits” – the letters are, of course, squished together to make it clear that it’s an effort to conjure up “Holy Shit” — the kind of things Germans love to do. 😉

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