Month: January 2016

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Dutch sustainable fashion in Berlin

After four full days of fashion frenzy, Berlin Fashion Week has come to an end. We’ve seen the usual VIP labels like MarcCain, Guido Maria Kretschmer and Baldessarini, in less than usual shows. We’ve seen fashion trade fairs and the latest collections exhibited in fancy locations, as well as in rundown buildings. After all, January is not so bad in Berlin: Germany’s biggest fashion event makes winter bearable.

The Germans know it, since they say that there’s no such thing as “cold weather”, there’s only “unsuitable clothing”. Their neighbours, the Dutch, must know it as well. Otherwise their street fashion wouldn’t be so fancy and… suitable, both in winter and any other season, as I find it. Have you ever been to the Netherlands? They have this sense of freedom when they put clothes on. It’s like their outfits look random, but there must be some rule about it, since the outcome seems freshly cut out from Vogue magazine. I mean, Berlin doesn’t do bad when it comes to fashion, but I always thought that the Dutch have that certain something in their fashion concepts.   

And my theory has proven to be valid at the Berlin Fashion Week this year. Designer Elsien Gringhuis, who won the Createurope award in Berlin, the Mittelmoda in Italy and the Green Fashion Award in the Netherlands, put on a show with timeless, clean and minimalistic creations. Studio Elsien Gringhuis is a high-end sustainable label. They work with organic fabrics (GOTS certified), they reduce waste to a maximum and produce 100% local.

I’ll let you decide if you like the designs. This is definitely eye-catching for me.

Photo credentials: Tse Kao



Blogger Recognition Award

I am honoured to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Open Frankfurt.

Thank you so much!

I decided to start this blog in 2015 simply because I love the city I live in. And since I’m a journalist in my “real life”, I thought I’d turn into my little playground for everything I need to express about Berlin. The city has offered me so much in the past 10 years! Berlin taught me about diversity, about creativity, about letting go and about being as close as possible to myself. And I shouldn’t forget: it taught me to leave my high heels in the wardrobe from time to time and just walk, walk, walk 😂

I’m still overwhelmed by everything Berlin has to offer and want to share it with you, guys. It has been so impressive to see how many people from all over the world have engaged in my little Berlin stories.

I have also let myself guided by your wishes in my choice of posts and tried to diversify the website with articles, pictures and videos. I know there is still a lot to be done but thank you all and I’ll do my best to deserve your attention in the future!:)

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Better than Berlin? Vote for your No.1 !

I always say that Berlin is the best place on earth. And deep inside, that’s exactly how I feel. Although if I’m honest, I can’t deny its shortcomings (only a few;-) especially when compared to other cities I like. Cities I’ve visited once or several times. So I thought I’d make a list (the choice of places to compare is quite personal) and write down some pros and cons for each, based on 7 criteria: location, safety, prices, lifestyle, climate, food and urban design. (more…)