Month: February 2016

Centre for gay refugees to open in Berlin


A shelter for gay refugees will open in Berlin. The project has been launched by an organisation for gay rights in cooperation with the city council. The new home will host over 120 people. Read more on

Berlin, part 3. 6 stories about 5 people I met.

Another few cute stories of an Asian in Berlin. Thank you, Next Train Out! ☺️


I got excited at the thought of writing something about the people I came across. The thing is about people is that we’re all connected and each connection, not matter how brief, can change us in ways we don’t always understand. These are just a few nameless people I decided to write about.

The French girl

She had a yellow coat, an umbrella and a backpack, one of those European hipster ones. Short dirty blonde hair, a bob with bangs; her beautiful face featured her large eyes. We were introduced, she had a beautiful French name (of course) and apologised for her thick French accent and her lack of proficiency in English. I apologised for not speaking French.

She smoked like a European and waved her hands about like the actresses you see in French movies, the indie ones, not the ladies who appear on the covers of Vogue. That night, I found myself…

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Free digital tourist guide for your next trip

Contest 2 BB_jpg

Bonjourberlin is giving away 20 promo codes for the Full Version of City Walks App, one of the popular iOS and Android apps by GPSmyCity. So during your next trip, you can walk, let yourself guided and discover the most interesting sights of your new “conquest”. There are over 470 cities you can choose from. Check the list here.

How to join the contest

As easy as that: just like this post and state (in the comments section) what city you would like your promo code for. There will be 20 winners.

Additional info:

  • This contest is open worldwide
  • Each promo code is tied to a certain city and, once the promo code is issued, it expires after 28 days, if not used by then. ***It is only the promo code that expires, NOT the actual application.  Once downloaded, the application remains valid forever.***
  • The winners will be announced on Bonjourberlin at the end of February ! Each of the winners will get his/her promo code for the city of his choice.

When Clooney is in Berlin, nothing else matters

George Clooney on his part in “Hail, Caesar!”: “I didn’t think I was going to be this stupid”.

The Berlin Film Festival has opened with the Cohen brothers’ “Hail, Caesar!”, a comedy about 1950’s Hollywood. Clooney’s co-stars Tilda Swinton, Josh Brolin and Channing Tatum were also on the red carpet.

Berlin – top university city for British students

Affordable living costs compared to other European cities, no tuition fees for EU students at the public universities, creativity and a vibrant nightlife: all these attributes make British youth choose Berlin for studying abroad. Read more on

Berlin, need I say more? (part 1)

Next Train Out posted a lovely review of a trip to Berlin! Read it below for an Asian’s opinion on Berlin. Thanks, Nicole! 🙂


Whenever I’m asked to share my favourite place in Europe, “Berlin” I always almost yell out. I can’t help it. It’s just one of those places that has such an amazing vibe and rawness, it’s an interesting place to be in.

This post will be a simple “guide to Berlin, a la Nicole style”, which means there were no plans. I simply wondered around based on recommendations from people I met.

Accommodation : Sunflower Hostel Berlin

I need to state this from the get-go – this hostel made my trip. It has one of the friendliest atmospheres and moremost importantly, cheap beer.

I arrived early in the morning from Copenhagen, on a night bus where I got barely any sleep, and crashed on their couch as soon as I arrived. I slept through the breakfast crowd and was offered some tea when I got up.

I walked into a little…

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