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Brace yourselves, the stars are coming

Dear Berlin visitors, watch out: in the period 11 – 21 February, you might meet a big bear with a lust for film and VIPs on the streets of the German capital. In fact, you won’t miss it even if you tried. It’ll follow you everywhere; every day; all day 🙂

A week from now, the Berlin Film Festival, Berlinale, will be underway, bringing along pretty much half of Hollywood. So should you be around, don’t panic: it’s wild, but friendly and hospitable. And you can watch all movies on the big screens, since Berlinale is the world’s largest film festival dedicated to the public.

(Disambiguation: bear (EN) = Bär /bɛːɐ̯/ (DE) and Berlin’s symbol is the bear)

Many thanks to the Berlinale press office for the pictures!


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