Berlin, need I say more? (part 1)

Next Train Out posted a lovely review of a trip to Berlin! Read it below for an Asian’s opinion on Berlin. Thanks, Nicole! 🙂


Whenever I’m asked to share my favourite place in Europe, “Berlin” I always almost yell out. I can’t help it. It’s just one of those places that has such an amazing vibe and rawness, it’s an interesting place to be in.

This post will be a simple “guide to Berlin, a la Nicole style”, which means there were no plans. I simply wondered around based on recommendations from people I met.

Accommodation : Sunflower Hostel Berlin

I need to state this from the get-go – this hostel made my trip. It has one of the friendliest atmospheres and moremost importantly, cheap beer.

I arrived early in the morning from Copenhagen, on a night bus where I got barely any sleep, and crashed on their couch as soon as I arrived. I slept through the breakfast crowd and was offered some tea when I got up.

I walked into a little…

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  1. Berlin is the Brandenburger Tor? Or any of the hip clubs in the city? After the fall of the wall, the clubs were much more weird at incredible places or ruins. But even after many centuries being here, I always discover something new somewhere unexpectedly, because this city never sleeps ….

    • She did not say that Berlin was Brandenburger Tor. That was just the picture:) A tourist cannot discover the essence of Berlin in just a few days. This is why we exist, to describe it to them;-) And yes, the club scene was way wilder in the 90′ but who actually wants to return to that? Who wants to live in ruins? Or in buildings with coal heating? The city has evolved nicely and it’s still very different to other European metropolises.

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