Berlin, part 3. 6 stories about 5 people I met.

A few cute stories of an Asian in Berlin. Thank you, Next Train Out! ☺️


I got excited at the thought of writing something about the people I came across. The thing is about people is that we’re all connected and each connection, not matter how brief, can change us in ways we don’t always understand. These are just a few nameless people I decided to write about.

The French girl

She had a yellow coat, an umbrella and a backpack, one of those European hipster ones. Short dirty blonde hair, a bob with bangs; her beautiful face featured her large eyes. We were introduced, she had a beautiful French name (of course) and apologised for her thick French accent and her lack of proficiency in English. I apologised for not speaking French.

She smoked like a European and waved her hands about like the actresses you see in French movies, the indie ones, not the ladies who appear on the covers of Vogue. That night, I found myself…

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