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Where do you plan on spending your summer?

ITB, world’s largest travel trade show starts in Berlin on March 9th. This event is a mini-trip around the world, a collage of cultures, a preview of marvelous places one hasn’t seen yet. Read here why the ITB is like a Bermuda Triangle for Vacation Freaks.

Shall we look something up for you? Please tell us where you intend to spend your next holiday and we’ll gather information for you and also send you relevant catalogues/ flyers.

Bonjourberlin will come back soon with a few suggestions for an unforgettable summer 🙂



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    • Hi, it looks like the best option for visiting the Nunavut region is to book via Parks Canada ( They have all necessary info there and offer really cool packages, like living with the locals and so on. You can call them or write an email. I spoke to a very friendly lady at the tourism fair:) The whole price also depends of course on where you want to fly from. If you give me a postal address, I can also send you catalogues and a USB with all necessary info.

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